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Ken cowan

Reach your full potential in your walk with God.
We here at Fully Persuaded Ministries welcome you. Thank you for stopping by. Make yourself comfortable and look around. I invite you to experience our ministry on our media page. Take a look at our itinerary and if we are ever in your area, we would be thrilled for you to come and worship God with us. The heartbeat of this ministry is to see people reach their full potential in their walk with God.

Ken & Connie Cowan - Fully Persuaded MinistriesIn 1998 while serving as associate pastor of Living Word Church in Adairville, Ky, God spoke to Ken Cowan and said; “My people do not see themselves as I do, and when they come to Me; they come aware of their shortcomings and troubled by their failures. With these things in their lives they do not approach Me confidently. I want you to go into the body of Christ and teach them who they are in Christ and what they have through Christ. I want you to encourage, edify, and exhort My people. In September of 2000 Ken moved into traveling ministry and has traveled throughout the United States teaching God’s people. Ken teaches the principles of God’s Word in a way that is interesting and easily understood with a memorable blend of humor. Ken also has a heart for pastors and understands the issues they face and is a regular speaker in minister’s conferences.



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